Fabricación de avarcas: tapado del puntoWe have some advice for when you buy quality, rustic Menorcan Avarcas.

There are a several points about which we’d like to advise you. The leather on the instep has to be sown to the tyre sole so that the leather adheres perfectly.
Jose Riudavets Pons, grandfather, observed that if a narrow strip of leather covered the stitches around the side of the instep, it improved the esthetic appearance of the Avarca and, in addition, it protected the stitching, thus producing a robust, durable product.

Detalle del punto tapada de la avarca RiudavetsThe Riudavets family heirs have been faithful to their father/ grandfather’s methods in all their rustic designs, following the family tradition, therefore creating a final high quality product that has been handed down through 3 generations.

When you are going to buy these rustic Avarcas, remember! look for the unique stitching on the sole that is covered with leather.