Perhaps you’re thinking about buying Menorcan avarcas. Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to have already had a pair, or perhaps someone has recommended them, because they are so cool and fresh to wear, especially during the summer, so comfortable! absolutely fantastic!

Have you already decided that you want to be one of the fortunate people who love their avarcas? Then, there is something really important that you need to know and it is how you can spot the difference between Riudavets rustic avarcas and other designs.
Look at the sole, does it look as if it’s plastic? Other avarca designs are made using porous soles that you’ll never see with authentic Riudavets Menorcan rustic avarcas. Well, what do you think about that ! You have to look at the avarcas’ sole, yes, it has to be a recycled tyre sole !

When you hold the avarcas,feel the weight. If they feel light,they’re not rustic avarcas.This is because the sole is made with a material that feels light, without substance. The weight of an authentic Menorcan avarca, depending on its size,is about 500 grams for an adult, that’s because of its recycled tyre sole.

If you look at the sole, there’s another important distinguishing feature worth noting. The stitching of the Riudavets rustic avarca is sown securely. In many other designs, you’ll see the sole is glued, not sown. Naturally this affects the durability and life of the avarca. Don’t even look at avarcas with a glued sole!

Riudavets avarcas use stitched, recycled, tyre soles. This is the method we’ve used for three generations.


  • it ensures durability and long life.
  • the upper part of the avarca will not separate from the sole
  • the avarca is flexible and comfortable
  • the product is eco friendly

Now you have the reason why you should check the weight of the avarcas you’re buying to ensure they are authentic Riudavets rustic Menorcan avarcas !