If you’re stuck on where to spend your holiday this year, don’t look further than the Mediterranean. There are plenty of islands to choose from (but we would say that, wouldn’t we?)

If you head to Mediterranean shores this summer, here are three islands to think about visiting – and three dishes to savour when you’re there.

f you’re in Mykonos (Greece) try moussaka

One tiny isle in the South Aegean sea, Mykonos is an island of white houses, narrow streets, windmills and beaches. As is the case elsewhere in Greece, moussaka’s a favourite food: layers of aubergine, minced lamb, tomato and white sauce. It’s delicious.

If you’re in Hvar (Croacia) try pasticada

With just over 10,000 inhabitants, Hvar’s set in the Adriatic sea, and is famous for its fields of lavender. When visiting, try Dalmatian pasticada – with beef, plums, wine and spices – it’s served with gnocchi. And apparently it takes several days to cook.

If you’re in Formentera (Spain) try calamars a la bruta

The Balearics’ littlest family member, Formentera doesn’t look like much more than a sand dune on a map. And next to party-going Ibiza, it’s certainly one of the better behaved siblings in this part of the Mediterranean. When you’re there, ask for ‘calamars a la bruta’ (which translates – literally – to dirty squid). It’s a mix of squid, spicy sausages, potatoes, garlic and a good dose of olive oil.